Our feline friends are unique. They don’t usually leave the house unless it is to visit the vet. This means during these visits they experience a lot of things that are not part of their daily routine such as the carrier, the car ride and the clinic which can result in increased fear, anxiety and stress.Our goal is to help our feline patients feel as comfortable as possible once they reach the clinic.

The Feline Fear Free experience at Mac Animal Clinic

  • Feline-specific examination room
  • Catnip toys
  • An assortment of treat options in various flavors and texture
  • Calming feline specific pheromones delivered via a diffuser and sprayed onto a towel or bandana to send your cat calming messages
  • A cat scale within the examination room
  • A quiet and calming environment
  • Extra cuddles ​
  • Feline-specific waiting area with raised “kitty parking”

To have your pet experience the Fear Free Difference call us at   905 208 9933

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