• Our team wants to ensure your pet’s veterinary experience is a positive one. This process starts before your pet’s appointment.
  • When scheduling an appointment our team will review ways you can alleviate the stress of travelling to the clinic.
  • If your pet is a new patient, you will be asked specific questions about your pet’s medical history, handling preferences and past veterinary experiences.
  • Our team of Fear Free® Certified Professionals will review your pet’s likes and dislikes. This allows us to prepare the exam room and hospital for your pet’s visit.


  • Whenever possible, you and your pet will be brought straight into the examination room.
  • Cats in particular can find the smell and presence of dogs stressful. This is why we have separate dog and cat exam rooms, equipped with toys, treats and calming pheromones to provide your pet comfort in their new environment.
  • If an exam room is not ready, you will be directed to species-specific waiting areas, equipped with kitty parking and comfy couches while your pet waits for their appointment.
  • You may be offered a bandana for your dog or a blanket for your cat’s carrier, both of which will have been treated with “calming pheromones” to help your pet relax.
  • If your pet is nervous in the reception area, our team will work with you to find an alternative and comfortable waiting area for your pet until an exam room is ready.


  • Calming music is played in the exam rooms. This provides a quiet and private space for your pet.
  • Your pet will be examined where he/she is most comfortable (e.g. on the floor, an ottoman, or in a lap). For bigger dogs we provide nonslip surface is provided (e.g. yoga mat).
  • Your pet will be offered yummy treats during the whole visit, if medically appropriate.
  • Fear Free® Handling techniques are used to minimize stress. Our team of Fear Free® Certified Elite professionals will listen to both yours and your pet’s needs to help make your pet as comfortable as possible.


  • The veterinary team members will note your pet’s emotional response to the visit and what treats and techniques worked best to prevent or reduce any fear, anxiety, and stress in your pet. We will always try and ensure your pet leaves on a positive note.
  • If needed, the veterinary team will make suggestions to help make future visits even more enjoyable for your pet. This might include using calming medications or supplements to decrease fear and/or anxiety.


​Becoming a new paw-rent and bringing home your new family member is very exciting but this decision comes with responsibility and long term commitment.​ Our team members are not only medical professionals but also pet owners. As a vet in Oakville, We are passionate about creating life-long relationships between pets and their owners. Our goal is to equip your family with the tools for success to build your pet their forever home.


​Our pet health plans are designed to encompass all aspects of providing excellent preventative healthcare for dogs and cats.​ Preventative care allows us to help your pet live a fit, healthy, and loving life by ensuring your pet gets timely treatments that actively preserve health, rather than reactively dealing with problems after they have already begun.


The first step is to contact our team so that we can create a patient file for your pet. Every patient has their own medical record which will contain all of their medical information such as their weight, previous medical records, blood work and examination notes. It even has a profile picture for your pet too! Our team will also ask for your contact information so we can set up communication reminders for you and your pet and to also have a way to send information to you for your upcoming visit. Once a file has been created for your pet, we can schedule your appointment!

A complete medical history ensures we have “the whole picture” of your pet’s health and wellbeing. If your pet has been to another veterinary clinic, we may request records from that clinic. This will allow us to provide the best and most complete care for your pet.

Do you have an anxious pet? We are here to help! Let us know if your pet has a history of anxiety at the vet so our team members can provide guidance to help minimize stress before and at the visit. In cases of severe anxiety, our veterinarian may prescribe anti-nausea or anti-anxiety supplements or medications.

Do you have appropriate travel accommodations? It is important to have a way to transport your pet that is safe for both you as the driver and them as the passenger. Carriers for cats and small dogs or crates or seatbelt harnesses for medium size to large dogs are safe options. You can use yummy treats before the day of your appointment to help get your pet used to these items.

Our team needs your help to make your pet’s visit as Fear Free as possible. This starts by ensuring your pet gets to the clinic in a calm state of mind. Budget plenty of time to avoid being rushed. If you are stressed, your pet will be too. Try and ensure your pet has the opportunity to relieve themselves prior to leaving home and if possible, again before entering the clinic. Nothing escalates stress more than having to use the bathroom!

One thing you can do, if medically appropriate is try and reduce the amount of food your pet eats before a veterinary visit. This can help prevent nausea with car travel as well as make the treats at the veterinary visit more appealing. We have an assortment of treats at the clinic, but if your pet has a strong favorite or is picky, pack them a little goodie bag! Even canned food will do the trick. If your pet isn’t food motivated that’s ok, you can bring your pet’s favorite toys, brush or even bed or towel.

As Fear Free Certified Professionals, we want to make your pet’s veterinary experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible. As such, it is important for us to understand what your pet might find upsetting. By filling out our “Pre Visit Questionnaire” and either emailing it to us in advance or bringing it to your appointment, you can provide us with information to help us adjust our care to suit your pet’s comfort level and preferences.

If this is your pet’s first examination since you have adopted them, please bring any paperwork you received from the breeder or rescue you adopted the pet from. If you have noticed your pet has a preference of certain treats or toys bring those as well.

Bringing home a new family member is very exciting but it can also be overwhelming. We are here to help guide your family. Write down any questions or concerns you may have so that you can ensure you don’t forget to ask. It is always worth writing down or having a picture on your phone of what food your pet is eating as well.