Itchy Pet Awareness Month

August is Itchy Pet Awareness Month!

This month was created to help unite pet owners and veterinarians in managing pets with skin conditions. We want to empower pet owners with the resources to identify signs of concern in their pets, and get the veterinary care they need to provide rapid and lasting itch relief.

Did you know that allergic/atopic dermatitis (dry, itchy, inflamed skin) is the number one reason for veterinary visits? Even knowing this there are still an alarmingly large number of pets that go untreated by a veterinarian every year, often simply because owners are unaware of what to look for.

Your pet’s itch could be caused by:

  • Flea allergy
  • Environmental indoor and outdoor allergens
  • Food allergy
  • Contact allergy
  • Parasites such as fleas and mites
  • Bacterial or yeast infections

Remember, all pets will scratch, lick, bite, and rub. But if it is becoming more frequent or excessive, it may be a sign of an allergic itch.

Signs of Itch Include:

  • Excessive scratching. Biting, chewing, rubbing or scooting
  • Frequent licking
  • Recurrent ear problems
  • Hair loss
  • Body odor
  • Skin changes

Because the frequency at which something occurs is subjective and will vary depending on who you ask, we often refer to the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology Itch Scale. It is an incredibly helpful tool for us to be able to objectively measure the severity of itching.

Early treatment is always preferred in these types of cases. Severe, prolonged scratching can damage the bond between pets and their owners by interfering with normal activities and increasing stress in pets themselves. It’s not uncommon that pet owners will experience stress, anxiety, and frustration about their pets itch. Especially when they know their pet is uncomfortable but aren’t sure how to help.

Check out our Dermatology Page for more information and resources.

If your pet is itching for help, don’t wait. Reach out to the M.A.C. team today at 905-208-9933 or at to see how to get help for your pet’s itch, fast.