Mac Animal Clinic Recommends Year Round Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs and Cats

Did you know? Our Dog and Outdoor Cat Pet Health Plans include 12 months of flea and tick prevention.

The prevalence of ticks in the U.S and Ontario is increasing. Ticks can carry Lyme disease amongst other diseases.
Dogs that vacation at cottages and along waterways, frolic through tall grass, explore ravines or wooded areas and travel to the U.S are all at risk of exposure.

Ticks are active in temperatures as low as 4oC therefore we advise year round tick prevention for at risk dogs. For dogs with increased tick exposure Lyme vaccination is advised.

Fleas and Mites
​​Your dog can catch fleas and mites from the environment, wildlife and other dogs and cats. These little critters not only live on your pet but hatch their eggs in the environment, which could be in your carpet! Flea infestations can take months to eliminate and involve treating all house hold furnishings plus the four legged members within.

Dogs with outdoor access, live multi-pet households, visit boarding or grooming facilities or exposure to rescue animals are at risk of exposure